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Christmas – any takers?

christmas-treeSo we’re only a matter of seconds away from Christmas, and there’s a feeling of excitement, anticipation, stress and hunger for Christmas foods and material goods in the air. Most of us young ones have been let off from whatever stage of education we’re in, television and radio has drowned us in Christmas carols – old and new (or old turned new) for the last month and a half, people are attending the last office/staff/family/friend Christmas parties… But the majority of us are just rushing around on a crazy spending spree that’s going to insure us just the right impression and atmosphere Christmas Eve, and a major dent in our bank accounts.

So what is it about Christmas that makes it so worth celebrating and spending for?

By looking back into history Christmas is celebrated due to it being Jesus’ birthday. However, I’ve always felt that the reason and religion behind this much celebrated holiday has long been forgotten and chosen to be ignored, besides indulging in the odd Christmas plays or carols every once in a while. The reason for celebration for many are many.

CHRISTIANITY seems no longer to be a part of Christmas for all non-Christians. As a non-Christian I have always thought that Christmas is an extremely commercialized spending scheem some clever schmuck thought up whilst half-way to dreamland in bed, but what an idea! ‘Tis definitely the season to be jolly! While celebrating the birth of Jesus (let’s just step away from that for a bit), we could spend and party in his name! Everybody will be happy – the receivers, the givers, the old and the young. The shop owners are definitely laughing all the way to the bank as profit is finally going up after having been going the opposite way for the last few months due to the credit crunch…

So what I’m wondering about is why we must reserve all this love and joy for this birthday of someone none of us living at the moment knew in person? Is it so hard toshow your gratification for your loved ones on a daily basis?

Personally I’ve always loved Christmas. It’s a special time of the year for my family and I where we can sit back and relax without having to worry about school or work for a couple of days, and to finally see our friends and other members of the family. Presents are a plus, but not the most attractive part of it. What I like most about it all are the small traditions: The 24th we spend Christmas at our friends’ house. Here we will consume the traditional Christmas foods consisting of duck, turkey, roasted pork chop, potatoes, salad and tons of gravy. Then we will play the dice and presents game. Then we will eat ris a la mande and hunt for the whole almond so we can win the price. Then we will do presents. And in between all these steps in the procedure we will have lots of conversations, consume lots of alcohol, soda, chocolate, chips and candy, and my dad will try to get my friend’s grandma drunk whilst only drinking coke himself because he doesn’t like to drink.

The 26th our friends then come over to our house for home-cooked Chinese – and believe me this is no ordinary Chinese as my parents are cooking, this is kick-ass finger-lickin’ Chinese! – and on the 26th we go visit family or they come to us.

So this is what I do every single year. For as long as I’ve remembered we have done Christmas this way, and I am sure every person or family has their own traditions. For me this is what makes Christmas special and fun. It all comes down to one word: Time. It is the lack of time that makes it hard to see your family and friends often, to tell them you love them (even though it’s expressed in the form of a material good), and to spend valuable time with them as we all only live for a certain number of years. This is why I am grateful for this holiday season – even though I’m not a Christian and it’s damn expensive to show your love these days!

So until next time, I hope you all have a wonderful and merry Christmas!

– Christine.


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  1. mamashaal

    Updaatttteeeee!! 😀 😀

    Me waiting for new post! 😀

    January 11, 2009 at 12:50

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