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Being Entrepreneurial

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Last  Wednesday I attended a Personal and Professional Development lecture, where we had a guest lecturer introduce us to New Media. It was an incredibly inspiring lecture, where Mr. Daniel Brown told us about starting out from university and how knowing what you’re good at and what you want has lead to his success only a few years along the way. He gave us a lot of useful tips and advice about making use of our opportunities, communication skills and the media to achieve what we want, and that to a certain extent, passion is the key. He left us all, at least me and a couple of my friends, believing that by the time we finish our degree in a couple of years time the world will be our oyster, and that we will have the tools to crack it if we want to.

Mr. Daniel Brown’s guest lecture wasn’t the first lecture I’ve attended where I’ve been lectured about the topic of entrepreneurship. This has, in fact, been a topic in my Personal and Professional Development module for the last couple of weeks, where we’ve been poked, preached and persuaded to start early in marketing ourselves, and perhaps start exploiting or developing marketing opportunities already now.

So I’ve been aware of the idea of being entrepreneurial for a good while now. However, it wasn’t before my seminar for the same module last Thursday where the idea finally hit home, when we were examining the example of what started out as a ski holiday website but which has now been transformed into a major holiday booking website, and which market segments there were left to exploit and/or which new market segments that could be created.

So here’s my opinion on entrepreneurship: At first when I decided to go into marketing, entrepreneurship was the one aspects of the course that I felt least passionate about. You hear about it all the time: young person either finding an unexploited opportunity and/or creates something that consumers didn’t know they needed or could not live without, then develop their business from scratch – perhaps from the back of a *insert location of choice – from classroom to bathroom to in the middle of ones sleep*, and turning it into a multimillion Dollar/Euro/Pound Sterling business which they then sell on, and which then turns the creator into an overnight millionaire. Yes, these stories are fantastic and yes, they are endless and the examples countless. However, even though I am a positive person and I consider myself a creative person, I don’t think multimillion ideas come very often or easily. However inspiring speeches I hear about “I did it and so can you!” that attempts to kickstart my endless confidence in being able to produce a product, that will have me swimming in money on payday – and thus ensuring me at least a couple of months of a lifestyle worthy of the filthy rich –  instead of living off cup noodles and tap water for the last week of the month, I did not believe that entrepreneurship is calling my name.

But that changed on that faithful Thursday evening.

As we sat discussing the possible market segment exploitations of a ski holiday booking website, the light bulb which I like to refer to as my brain suddenly had it’s switch yanked, and my mind was bathed in light! I had my very first entrepreneurial business idea as soon as my friend uttered the fact about herself which I will remember forever! I was reluctant to share my idea with the rest of my seminar class, but when I did everybody seemed to think that there was indeed money in it and that it certainly had potential. Even my lecturer thought so and offered his, and other peoples’, support if I intended to carry out my idea, so I was very proud of myself.

Now, the whole point of this incident (and blog) is this: It made me feel that I wasn’t completely lost and at the end of the line when the Almighty was handing out the good stuff. I thought that good ideas with potential wouldn’t come my way, and that I would most likely end up just being a damn good employee – I was wrong. This incident has taught me that whether I go on with this idea or not, I did have it and that I can have other brilliant ideas that I can choose to develop further. It has given me hope for the future, and that one day I shall indeed own my dream car (displayed below), and one of those man-made islands in Dubai, and be able to enjoy an ocean view from a mansion whilst sipping on a chilled glass of success. I now believe that entrepreneurship is indeed about opening your eyes to possible opportunities and keeping an open mind, and is simply in the eye of the person paying attention.


Until next time!

– Christine.


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