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The Great Chicken Dilemma! (Version 2.0)

A post about something a bit different. Mainly, a bit of a culture shock dilemma I’ve encounted.

The new food of choice - Chicken

Please take a few seconds to contemplate the image beside this text.

The picture depicts a grilled chicken – in case you were in doubt.

I must admit (much to the horror of my Vegetarian friends) that I love eating chicken. Ever since I was a kid chicken has been one of my most favorite foods. Be it boiled, steamed, grilled, fried, BBQ’ed… All was good in the neighborhood! However, ever since coming to London to study, I’ve noticed something.

1. I’ve very limited money.
2. Chicken is cheap.
3. Chicken is easy to cook.

So what does 1 + 2 + 3 = ? The answer is obvious: EAT CHICKEN! Cheap meat which you can eat all parts of, and cook in a gazillion ways! Plus you can cook it with whatever leftovers/salads/meat you can find, or just steam/boil/grill/eat raw (not recommended – for your own sake…)/ fry and eat it like that! Why not do what is easiest and best for the wallet? Why not make life easier for yourself?

However, this brought me to notice another thing:

4. People in my circle eat a lot of chicken.

I have seriously never in my life eaten as much chicken as I have here in this country. It’s honestly quite scary the quantities of chicken that is consumed in my household. The fact that I have chicken at least 4 out of 7 days a week is horrifying! But it seems not only to be me and my flatmates. I’ve been asking around about whether others have the same chicken-habits as us, and I’ve found the answer to be a positive one! Yes they do eat chicken all the time! And they love it and don’t mind it and don’t even give it a second thought! Wauw… So basically, based upon my collected information, I think it’s safe to say that people in this country – at least in my immediate surroundings! – eat chicken at least 4 times a week. I’ve aired this theory around and then asked people the big question:

Q: Could you live without eating chicken for a week?

A: Of course, the obvious answer is YES! But what I really mean, and which I also explain, is whether one can stand not eating chicken for a week. A lot of the people I’ve asked have answered a straight no right away, whilst others have stated that they deffo need “distraction” – as in other kinds of meat to make up for the chicken. “Like steak” a mate of mine said. Apparently, fish isn’t very popular food here…

So all this chicken got me thinking: How many chickens are produced a year, and how many of those do we consume a year? According to United Poultry Concerns [] over 50 billion chickens are slaughtered every year! With the growing world population and demand for chicken not seeming to be diminishing, could this be the making of the end of the chicken? Perhaps the solution for this is to turn vegan, or turn towards eating more of the other forms of meat available.

Anyways, I’ll keep on gathering information about this dilemma, and keep whoever’s reading, posted! So watch this space, and please do take the time to vote on my poll: Would you be able to not eat chicken for a week?

Until next time!

– Christine.